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    Question Animé Fans

    Evening, all. I've been working very hard on a new project recently, and I need your help. In order to get funding for my new business, I'm creating a massive, comprehensive, totally in-depth business plan. To do this, I need to do some major market research. I have here a short survey, and I would really appreciate everyone who likes animé taking the time to fill it out. My eventual goal is to attach over 200 surveys to this plan, and the data within them would be of enormous help to me. I would sincerely appreciate this, and if you have any friends who you could interest, then forward the survey to them. It should only take 3-5 minutes, and I would be eternally grateful.

    Thanks again,

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    1. Neel, 17, male, netherlands, e-neel@<a rel="nofollow" href="http:...k">www.com</a>
    2. yes
    3. I like a lot of these, but I forgot most names. I love the drawings and I bought games like finalfantasy just for the movies in it.
    4. It surely is an artform
    5. I have a lot of books about it and I draw myself to. I don't collect small statues, because they don't have anything to do with the drawings mostly.
    6. Maybe on very special occasions (when there is something I can't get somewhere else and it surely is worth buying)
    7. the movies, pictures
    8. drawings/books
    9. really depents on the style/expression/details
    10. all good looking
    11. no elves
    12. english
    13. dutch
    14. ?
    15. up front
    16. sorry don't know how it's called in english
    17. yes
    18. yes
    19. ground postal
    20. yes
    21. I prefer free, but I think it will be something like double the production+postal cost

    Sorry, I just saw I had to mail it. I will mail it now. Sorry.
    Double Dutch

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    1. Ashley, 15, female, USA, metalrockjunkie@yahoo.com

    2. i like some.

    3. What are your five favourite animé series, ranked most favourite to least?
    1)Dragon Ball
    2)Dragon Ball Z
    3) I only like 2 :X

    4. artform

    5. no

    6. no

    7. action figures (muahah)

    8. a Goku action figure

    9. hmmm..maybe 2 or 3 dollars?

    10. whaaa?

    11. as before, Goku and possibly Gohan

    12. Japanese, so I wouldn't know if they were mocking English or not :-D

    13. yah, thats what I said

    14. I don't believe in shopping online, its bad karma

    15. maybe

    16. What would your top three preferred payment methods be, starting with most preferred?

    17. yes, to a younger cousin.

    18. that would be great, if there were no strings attached!

    19. I dunno :-D

    20. No thank you, shmank you.
    21. I wouldn't buy it, but maybe a 1 an issue..?

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