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Thread: Who would you like to be?!!

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    Mar 2002

    Talking Who would you like to be?!!

    I think being someone else is sometimes good, but I infact like my self and I like to be me!

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    Jul 2002
    I would much rather be myself. However, I wouldn't mind having Bill Gates checking account.

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    Jul 2002
    I like myself, and i can be any of the aboe that i want to be in my owl lil world hehe.
    But really, being myself is much more fun.

    Above^^^^^^^^^^^^ Own^^^^^^ Crapy keyboard
    --As the world sleeps, safe and sound, a few young rebles crawl from underground, out of the dark and into the night they all join together, to do wrong or right-- -Ami

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    I already am a "kind" of god since I create things. I guess I was Billy's checking account, I like being me though.

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    Jul 2002
    Hugh Hefner, not Bill Gates....

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    Jul 2002
    Larry Flint.

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    Apr 2002
    I would like to be a god.
    Power, creation, immortality, maneer to think.... I'm a fan of Roger Zelazny and his Amber cycle.

    "I don't want to become immortal by my art. I want to become immortal without die" W.Allen (sorry, it's a translation of a translation)
    Life is boring. Play NetHack... --more--

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    Senior Member Ouroboros's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    Superior, WI USA
    I would like to be the son of one of these guys...

    >In 1970, one team of researchers began experimenting with fused silica, a material capable of extreme purity with a high melting point and a low refractive index. Corning Glass researchers Robert Maurer, Donald Keck and Peter Schultz invented fiber optic wire or "Optical Waveguide Fibers" (patent #3,711,262) capable of carrying 65,000 times more information than copper wire, through which information carried by a pattern of light waves could be decoded at a destination even a thousand miles away.<


    The full article is here: http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa980407.htm

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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    Jan 2002
    Joe Satriani
    When the power of Love overcomes the Love of power, the world will know peace... Jimi Hendrix
    I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask...... what was war?

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    Hunter 'Patch' Adams


    'It's my life to inspire people. I like to see it as a river. I jumped into the river of love and fun and life as a celebration and a concern for the world, the river of hope. Most people went for swim in the river of hope and then went and dried off. The river's current was too strong or not strong enough. I encourage them to put their trunks on and jump back in. I'm a seducer, I give them paradise and the hope that paradise is possible now. I use theatre and poetry and humour and a project that they can't believe is true but is.

    'As a healer I hate this idea that the healing interaction is a draining one. If friendship, as it is for me, is the most important thing in the world, and the healer's life is really a stream of intimacies, when a patient sits with you and tells you the worst stories that could burn you out, they are also giving you the greatest trust. I focus on the trust, respect and love they give me rather than the pain of their story... I'm there to be a good listener first and to be a good friend, and then to do what intuitively and scientifically both come to mind.

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