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Thread: gonna try this again

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    gonna try this again

    Ok, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to put this, but since this is the only newbie forum besides the tutorial section then I'll try it out here. I'm looking more for just plain OS stuff than security of it at the moment.

    I'm a complete *nix newbie. I need to learn linux and Solaris ASAP... and YES I learn very fast. If you folks know of any good newbie sites point me to them.... and to fend off the inevitable "go search google.com" I am already doing that so don't tell me to Oh yeah, I can't exactly go out and buy books at the moment because my funds are seriously limited due to a cross country move that I just went through, so I need stuff that I can find and use online.

    FWIW I have been in the "MS world" for a very long time, and YES I am very familiar with command line interfaces which I use much more often than the GUI. I do have copies of Red Hat, OpenBSD and Slackware... and a copy of Solaris is sitting on my desk. Got a promotion within the company that I work for and now Unix falls under my domain and I have to get up to speed fast. Thanks for the help guys.

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    The RedHat Manuals are good, are free to download. They will give you a good overview.

    The Linux Documentation project is good too; but generally 6 months out of date.

    O'Reilly is always good.

    Finally, Freshmeat is a necessity and check out your news server. There should be a lot of groups available.

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    You're already using the best resource there is - the mighty Google. :-)

    Have a look at the following sites for some general primer stuff. These should keep you busy for a while.

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    Not really tutorial sites, but I have always found these incredibly helpful for sun:


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