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Thread: I think this guy may be pissed....

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    I think this guy may be pissed....

    I actually recieved this while doing tech support for a .NET based ecommerce service provider. I've removed a few details (anywhere you see @@'s) to protect the name of the service provider, but I left a few clues in too. I have to admire this guy for his innovative phrasing....the system should filter out anything with offensive language. What really got me was the the fact that he intimated the possibility of attacking the servers and was STUPID enough to sign his name. All in all, this one was pretty funny....enjoy!

    ATTENTION @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@:

    You have completely pissed me off. Now, my services have been restored kinda, but now it says: You have not signed up for this service. When trying to log into the @@@@@@ network! WTF! Your company is, per usual, ripping off every f**king person in the world with your bullsh*t f**king website! You bastards! Refund my goddamned money, cancel my goddamned subscription and take your goddamned f**king website and shove it up your a**! You f**king stupid mother f**kers can't even design a f**king website that works - how do you expect to offer any services to small business, or any business for that matter, if you can't even design a f**king working website? There is a reson I run Linux exclusively... and it's not because it's the best OS in the world... it's because I got so goddamned f**king tired of Microsloth idiocy that I burned every f**king copy of your sh*t software I had a ran over my gaddamned hard drives. Now, refund my money for the past three months of your f**king bullshit service and GO F**k YOURSELVES! You can additionally refund all my money for the @@@@@@@ campaigns that I *know* I haven't gotten a single f**king click from because even though the stats say that I have gotten clicks from the banner ads, there isn't a single f**king reference to LE, MSN or Excite in my logs, nor any of the IP's that these servers occupy - so you're a pack of f**king liars to boot - soI want all *that* money refunded as well or I'll sue the lying sh*t out of your slack a** f**king bullsh*t company you f**king bastards. You have f**ked with the wrong individual - your lucky I don't unleash all over your f**king website - if it wasn't f**king illegal - I would kill your f**king bullsh*t site so quick it wouldn't even be funny.
    Denard @@@@@@@@

    Now I ask you....was this guy PISSED or what???
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    I can’t say as I blame him. Anybody who would have carnal knowledge of ones maternal parent is just plain bad in my book :-)
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    Yeah, he sounds a bit upset

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    Hmmm, ... didn't you see MIB? "You gotta judge from what they're doing"; from his language he was obviously preoccupied with sex. maybe it was late at night and his gf hadn't shown up yet, the cold water was turned off and he had no aspirins. Never did figure out what his problem with the server actually was, except he hadn't signed up for some service........ ??

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    Actually if he sued, would he think handing that letter to the judge would do him any justice? I heard of cases getting thrown out, due to the fact of requests being made to certain companies were vulgar. Make sure your company keeps that letter, and I would just cancel his service w/o refund.

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