Haking into my own computer!!!
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Thread: Haking into my own computer!!!

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    Exclamation Haking into my own computer!!!

    I've once read an article saying that one of the ways of protecting your computer is by trying to hack into it, well I thought about it, but found out that, it might be hard for some people to do that (I'm one of them), because you must have some knowledge of hacking and things of that sort! you know what I mean...

    but after all, it's a good way to know the weaknesses of your system! isn't it?!!

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    Yes it is. Its better that you know your vulnerabilites than the bad guys (crackers). Though don't let it give you a false sense of security if you can't break into your own computer, because there is always a way if someone is willing to take the time.
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    \"Imagination is more important than knowledge\" (A. Einstein)

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    Trying to hack into your own computer may alert you to vulnerabilities you didn't know you had, or thought you had patched.

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    yea.. its always fun setting up a LAN and trying to hack into your system.. i do this myself with 2 boxes.. I hack my linux box with my windoze box.. tis quite phun

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    Yeah, I got about two boxes to test virii and trojans and whatnot on. Good for learning..

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