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    Why do AO pages view differently on IE vs on NS?

    note: i don't want to start a browser war discussion.

    i use netscape more frequently than internet explorer. but to browse ao, definitely i'll use ie. i just found out that ao can act differently on ie vs on ns.

    one thing, ao pages rely heavily on tables, so table rendering is a critical thing when choosing a browser for browsing ao. in ie the pages loads within 2 seconds, while in ns it hangs about 4-6 seconds before displaying every page.

    another thing, in ie the messages nicely wrap at screen width, while in ns i need to scroll horizontally to be able to see all the messages.

    is this just me or anybody having the same problem? then why?

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    It maybe your version of Netscape, judging from the icon in the Title Bar, I would assume you are using a 4.xx version of Communicator. I am using Netscape 6.2.3 and I see things exactly the same as I do when I use IE. Perhaps upgrading would help, its entirely possible the forum software uses w3c techniques not introduced into Netscape until the 6.xx genre. As for the page loading, it's about comperable for me.

    Hope this helps!!

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    I'm Not relly sure for this... But take a look at it anyway.....

    m4$ have made there own HTML tags like This texts are not clear HTML.... Netscape are developed on the w3c (http://validator.w3.org/).......


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    Also, (I know this doesn't apply to AO, but generally speaking), many web sites are optimized to be viewed in a specific browser. Since all Windows-based machines come pre-installed with Internet Explorer, many sites have defaulted to Internet Explorer. Granted some still optimize their sites for Netscape, but they are becoming more rare as people slowly move alway from Netscape to find other alternatives (such as Opera, Mozilla, etc.). Opera, for instance, (at least in my experience) handles pages much the same way as Internet Explorer, while Mozilla (obviously) handles them like Netscape.

    If you're having problems, either try as wyverspur suggested and upgrade to a newer version of Netscape, or try some alternative browsers if you don't like using Internet Explorer. If you're happy with Netscape, you may want to try Mozilla, since it's based upon Netscape. It will give you a familiar feel but in a smaller package.


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    I agree with adven regarding website optimization, and have to give Mozilla high marks for making AO a convenient place to browse around through its 'tabbed browsing' feature. Try as I may, I just cannot find a good reason to use IE anymore.
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    I had the same problem with the forum width when I
    started using mozilla. Here is how I fixed it.

    Your browser can be customized with a CSS (cascading
    style sheet). I'm not sure exactly where you must
    put it, but in my linux system, it is in a subdirectory
    of my /home directory. I'm not sure with netscape
    in windows.

    Take this text file, rename it to whatever is appropriate.
    Mine is called userContent.css

    also see this tut


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