Hello, I'm new here and I'm a neophyte to the whole
internet-security scene. It's good to see the generally
helpful atmosphere here.

A quick bio:

I started out years ago on the Amiga 500 coding
with Amiga basic and hex-editing save games and
sometimes finding out how things worked by
changing hex-codes in programs.

Then I got a PC and ran a small discussion BBS
with various software for a few years and learning
C++ and assembler. This was in the time 14k4
modems were still hot and MS-DOS was still good
for most things.


Currently I'm catching up with more recent tech-
nologies and learning the secrets of windows
registry optimizations, email and browser security
and I'm picking up basic Linux skills with Phat

I'm also interested in programming as I will hope-
fully be studying computer science next year at
the Helsinki University.

Stay cool!