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Thread: Win XP error reports?

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    Win XP error reports?

    I've been having a problem where I log into my user account, everything loads normally, the desktop starts up, the program icons appear then the fawker just up and restarts itself. So I figure its a fluke, or a sign I need to save up for OS X and a Mac. Anyways, I eventually got into my account after it resetting itself 4 times, I hit ctrl-alt-del to see what processes started up right before it resets and ended all the processes I could, just to see if I could get lucky and get the one that is causing the trouble. I guess I caught it because on the 4th time it didnt reset itself.

    Rather than reset itself it gave me the "windows has recovered from a serious error" Send error report or not dialouge box. So I decide eh, might as well send it to them. Then I began to think, if my computer knows what the hell is wrong with itself, is there any way I can check to see what is in that error report?

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    For the restarting, it means that there is a system error. You should be able to boot into Safe Mode and disable any programs/processes you have running at startup. If this suddenly occured, it is most likely because you installed a program which isn't compatible with XP or it overwrote something it shouldn't have. You should be able to run a system restore and get back to a point where you won't have the problem.

    As for the error report, before you sent it, you would have had an opportunity to view the report. Though, generally, there isn't very much a regular user can do with that information. I personally have error reporting completely disabled because generally, if I do have an error, I just backtrack what I fix whatever is causing the problem...


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    Also had Bad BIOS settings cause these probs...

    note your current BIOS settings, then reset to Default..
    take it ffrom there..

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    Another way you could get around this problem is to delete all minidmp files in your Windows folder. I am also running Xp and it has happend to me quite a bit too.

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    let us not overlook the mostly useless but sometimes helpful "event viewer", the standard built in error audit tool built into windows 2000 and xp. you can access the event viewer under administrative tools, and computer management. there you should see a listing of past errors and what caused them. good luck.

    ps: xp sucks

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