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    Hi Guys,

    I just returned from my vacation 3 weeks in south france it was real fun but the thing is, i'm not a guy who is behind his computer 24/7, so i tought i wouldn't miss my computer that much but when i went to sleep every night al these lines code flashed trough my head.. all the things i couldn't solve before my vacation suddenly all were so easy..!! but then u think damn i need to wait 2 weeks till i can use my computer again wish i brought my laptop.. in normal life i'm not a computer nerd, but suddenly in that vacation i felt such a nerd haha.. So i just wanted to say it's good to be back on AO and to use my ol' trustee CPU again..!!
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    During this time I was in Egypt.
    Some people have said me the weather had been bad in France during the 2-3 last weeks. And now I can certify you it's not good.

    I'm not also a computer nerd but... after 1 week without keyboard. It was becoming hard.
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    Yeap I know what you all mean :-)

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    I was in the car driving to some far away place and well, after one night I just couldn't stand it anymore. I went back and didn't leave my computer again since then. Ow wait..only once to get something to eat.
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