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    new 2 this

    im just new 2 this and would really like any information that would help me. 2 protect my computer i.e firewalls and anything else that anybody else may think would help me.would really help.

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    My comment is off topic with what you're asking about protection and firewalls, Just don't post any thing about hacking Hotmail or that kind of stuff i Hope you have read the FAQ of the site

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    My suggestion would be to check out the Archives. Most information you need to start out can be found there. There are discussions regarding firewalls, anti-virus programs, IDS scanners, etc. Start there and see if you find what you're looking for.

    Also, a tip, when you do ask a question, try to be as specific as possible (such as what OS you're running, do you only have one computer or a network, what you need the security for, are you looking for free software or professional packages, if you have a budget for puchasing, what is it, etc.)


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    There is a search feature to see who has discussed the things you have asked. Also, the tutorials section might help as well as the massive library JP has put together in his archives section. I have to say, however, the search feature can be very frustrating, but with enough patience, you will find what you are after.

    Also, welcome to AntiOnline!

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    I would offer the same advice as alittlebitnumb. Welcome to AntiOnline!

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    You got good advice from the 3 posts before mine, but I'll put .02 cents worth in anyway. Go to www.grisoft.com and download their free antivirus, AVG Free Edition. That, along with your firewalls, should have you in pretty good shape. If you want to learn just how good your setup is, go to www.dslreports.com and check out their tools section.

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    Common AV like Norton & Macfee are good agianst worms and viruses and they have alot of sites with info on recent infections plus patches to help prevent them.

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