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    Exclamation Microsoft flags server application flaw

    "Microsoft announced Wednesday three new flaws had been found in the company's application for developing and managing e-business Web sites, Content Manager Server 2001. "

    To think they are charging TOP DOLLAR for their licenses. Just another daily lets keep up with M$ screw ups and yet another patch to install read the info here http://news.com.com/2100-1001-948850.html?tag=fd_top
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    <rant>I think we're all used to how MS operates by now. We know the release bad software, and, nobody can do much about it. Maybe one day everybody will switch to linux or something, and windows will die off and then MS will really concentrate on their software because they have nothing else. </rant>That being said, we all know MS software has lots of exploits, its sad but its true. What I find funny is that they don't just keep software from coming out and extend their testing period, to at least cut down on the amount of exploits available to damamge MS products. I dunno.

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