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Thread: A little lesson in humility(and thanks)

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    A little lesson in humility(and thanks)

    100 People in the World

    If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of precisely 100
    people, with all the existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look
    something like the following:

    There would be:

    57 Asians
    21 Europeans
    14 from the Western Hemisphere, both north and south
    8 Africans

    52 would be female
    48 would be male

    70 would be non-white
    30 would be white

    70 would be non-Christian
    30 would be Christian

    6 people would possess 59% of the entire world's wealth and all 6 would be
    from the United States.

    80 would live in substandard housing
    70 would be unable to read

    50 would suffer from malnutrition
    1 would be near death; 1 would be near birth
    1 (yes, only 1) would have a college education
    1 would own a computer

    When one considers our world from such a compressed perspective, the need
    for acceptance, understanding and education becomes glaringly apparent.

    The following is also something to ponder...

    If you woke up this morning with more health than illness...
    you are more blessed than the million who will not survive this week.

    If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of
    imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation.... you are
    ahead of 500 million people in the world.

    If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead
    and a place to sleep...
    you are richer than 75% of this world.

    If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish
    someplace ...
    you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy.

    If your parents are still alive and still married...
    you are very rare, even in the United States and Canada.

    If you can read this message, you just received a double blessing in that
    someone was thinking of you, and furthermore, you are more blessed than over
    two billion people in the world that cannot read at all.
    \"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.\" -- Dom Helder Camara

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    Thumbs up Very deep...Thank you

    This is about the best thing I have seen in a long time that could slam me back to reality of the world we live in, very good Mahakaal.
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    That's very bad. If you look at it that way it looks far more worse.
    I fully agree with aeallison saying: This is about the best thing I have seen in a long time that could slam me back to reality of the world we live in.
    Very very good mahkaal !!! Shame I can't give you some greenies.
    Double Dutch

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    6 people would possess 59% of the entire world's wealth and all 6 would be
    from the United States.
    Except the richest person in the world is an Arab.... I can't remember exactly, but I believe Bill Gates (the richest man in America) is like #4 or 5 in the world.... America is not the richest country.
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    I hate to argue a point as silly as this souleman, and especially with you, but the worlds richest man is indeed Bill Gates, and to top it off the second richest man is also American and his name is Warren Buffet.

    These are the 10 richest people according to Forbes, the people who do the definative list every year.

    1. Gates, William H III - 52.8 Billion (down about 10 billion from 2 years ago)

    2. Buffett, Warren E - 35 Billion (he's up about 14%, and has been closing on Bill for a while now)

    3. Albrecht, Karl & Theo - 26.8 Billion (these folks are German and the only non-Americans in the top 10)

    4. Allen, Paul G - 25.2 Billion (yet another MS Billionaire)

    5. Ellison, Lawrence J - 23.5 Billion (also known as Mr. Ego, been trying to out do Bill for a while)

    6. Walton, Jim C - 20.8 Billion (up a bit from last year. Wal-Mart ring a bell? )

    7. Walton, John T - 20.7 Billion (hmmm another Walton )

    8. Walton, Alice L - 20.5 Billion (seeing a pattern yet? )

    8. Walton, S Robson - 20.5 (what do you expect being a child of the founder of the worlds largest retailer? )

    10. Walton, Helen R - 20.4 Billion (ok this is just getting silly. Enough of the Waltons... where is Johnboy at in this anyway? )

    So... I decided to scroll down the list to find the worlds richest Arab person. I didn't have to go very far... he's number 11. His name is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, and he's from Saudi Arabia. It used to be that Forbes wouldn't include royalty on thier list, because firstly royalty wouldn't release their net worth reports, and secondly when they did they far outstripped common folks like Bill. But times are changing, and the "working" class folks have outranked royalty in most cases.

    If you wish to peruse this list yourself, you can find it here.

    But, back to the point of the thread. That is indeed sobering when you think of it like that. Thanks for the great post.

    El Diablo
    hey, why am I not on that list?

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    Originally posted here by souleman

    Except the richest person in the world is an Arab. America is not the richest country.

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    Good Post

    I must admit El Diablo that while I figured Bill to be the richest I certainly believed there would be more Europeans and Arabs in the top 10. As that was the only stat I thought might be off you already supported the list as it stands.

    I certainly believe that the list is telling, however, it also hides a few startling counter statistics. The top two wealthiest nations (per capita) also lead the world in suicides. In America more rich and middle class teenagers commit suicide than those living at or below the poverty level.

    While the part about food etc. is a true tragedy we must keep in mind that money does not equal happiness. A severe lack of money probably does equal hardship but excess money does not bring happiness. Part of the sad truth of what I see in the America I love so dearly is that we are trapped into always wanting more. This lack of satisfaction makes most of us the most blessed paupers the world has ever seen. Materially rich, spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. If your writing helps us to count our blessings, to stop and realise how good we have it, then I think it should be published front page. American's need to count their blessings and then share from their excess with the rest of the world.

    BTW, I do have some greenies left to share and will gladly give you one for this thought provoking and uplifting post.
    \"We are pressing through the sphincter of assholiness\"

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    I have read an article like this (with the village of 100 people) before. It is dificult to imagine when we are in rich countries.
    To answer to Souleman I have listened that the richest man in the world was the Emir of Brunei (not sure for the spelling). Maybe it has been ruined.
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    8 of 10 of the richest people in the world have the letter W in their first or last name

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    bill gates has been the richest man/person on the planet for the past 9 years, so whatever information you had about an arab being the richest in the world is either completely flawed or very outdated. i've never heard anyone say that bill gates was not the richest man on earth, but then again i live in seattle , theres got to be some home town pride thing going here...

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