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Thread: Linux Vs. Microsoft Wars

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    Linux Vs. Microsoft Wars

    G'day all,

    I was just pondering at school today about how some people say, 'i hate microsoft' and others say 'linux sux'. I wonder y everyone says this. Everyone one has there own opinion, of course, however shouldn't people have a broader view on matters?

    What do you think?

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    Personnally I love both of them

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    I use both operating systems. Just depends on the particular need...

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    personally i love microsoft for the simple fact that it's easy. I get paid to sit on my ass and occasionaly reboot some machines! I do use linux on one of my home machines, and it is definatly cool. Took me a while to get linux to read my windows drive, but after doing that i felt like I accomplished something, unlike windows where everything is done for you, or you just click through. Linux is definatly a learning experiance. Windows is for lazy people who dont care to learn about computers to use them.
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    Advocates of linux tend to believe : a free OS is definitely a nice bonus. The networkability, scalability and overall functionality without additional cost are definitely nice. Most linux users are willing to read a great deal and get right down to the nitty gritty of the operating system, even if they could potentially host the system. MOst linux users aren't so concerned about gaming, and if they are they install WineX to incorporate direct x support into their systems. When it comes right down to it, many linux users aren't afraid of the unknown, learning new file heirarchy, shell scripting, c scripting and what ever else may come their way to get the system working to their liking. In other words, ease of use is not first on their list of priorities.

    Advocates of Windows tend to believe : the OS is great. Granted they have to pay for the OS, but it's well worth it. They don't have to know a great deal about the OS and it is really quite well equipped. Their favorite games work with ease, and most applications they may need for work/ school are readily available. The configuration to get the system up and running to their liking is minimal. There is an ease of use and large scale compatability factor at play with MS os's.

    In the end, it boils down to the amount of work required to install and maintain the OS, as well as to find compatable applications. This is not true for all users of either OS, but on average these seems to be what I have noticed are the driving forces behind each.
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    You are right. The operating system wars have been around as long as OS's have been around for both users and developers. For a history of the GUI, see this link: http://toastytech.com/guis/ it has some interesting stuff. Then do a search for each of those OS's and look at the history of them. You will be surprised just how long and how nasty the OS wars were and how it's not going away any time soon.

    Of course, it's always nice not to bash your nieghbors' OS, hardware configuration or choice of software, but as humans, we love competition and we are prideful. However, I do see more using more than one OS to get things done and the choices out there are vast and plentiful. Why then do we need the wars when we can share and share alike? Again, it's that human thing.

    We see on this, other boards, BBS, NNTP and chat... "Why are you using xxx OS? You are lame because you use it. MINE is better! hahahaha," "Use this OS because it is l33t3r because pain in the ass is better, and the more enigmatic commands and configurations the better!," and the list goes on and on and on.

    All in all, it happens, and more and more people are coming to grips there is more to life than worrying about if your OS is more "l33t" than the next, but getting thing DONE is anybody's main goal. I mean, you can be a complete moron and have FreeBSD installed and boast you have it, but the newbie that has a flavor of Win and knows a little about it is going to get more done than the person trying to be "cool" because that OS is the "in thing." In-thing, out thing, you thing, me thing is all relative and subjective.

    As for me and every other reply in this thread, I use three OS's to get things done: Win98, Win2k sp3 and Linux Mandrake 8.2 and they serve me very well. To others, it may not and I may even be lame. So what.

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    Actually, the whole reason for all these wars is simple. Microsoft monopolises crappy products and does not allow for more superior/mature products to have a break at the market. This has made Microsoft one more reason why the IT world is somewhat crippled.

    I do not hate Microsoft's products, but I hate Microsoft itself, for its tactics. I do not use Windows not because of Microsoft, but because of the fact that it is inferior to Windows. Both (especially) as a development platform and (somewhat) as a desktop platform.

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