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Thread: Nice VB Forum

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    It's a gas!
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    Nice VB Forum

    Hi guys

    Found this site yesterday, good forum for all your VB needs (well most of them)




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    Yeah it's a nice site!
    If U got any problems and u dont know how to solve them try http://www.vbcode.com or http://www.planetsourcecode.com u can find tons of code snippets and example programs..

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    It's a gas!
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    Yeah but the satisfaction comes from writing your own code, not using someone elses!

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    R3boo+, yes it is always nice to use your own code, but the best way to learn is to view and tweak existing and working code to see how it ticks then develop your own code from that experience. I mean, you need to see examples, snippets, and other tips to make your code better and to avoid problems. Also, it's never a bad idea to get second opinions or help.

    While I do not advocate outright leeching code and claiming it as your own, but learning from it is a good thing, and so are those sites. They bad together and help each other out which is very nce

    Thanks for the links.

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