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Thread: Screensaver Question - Not Security related

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    I work in an office environment that uses Win98SE machines. Recently, some of the bosses have been asking about an issue that arises when they use screensavers. Once the screensaver is deactivated (by means of keystroke or movement of the mouse), it leaves a screensaver box on the taskbar. Sometimes only one sometimes up to ten. The screensavers are standard built-in windows screensavers with no special settings. My questions are what causes this? And how (if there is a way) can this be avoided). Searches for this information on MS's website have been unsuccessful. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I've noticed the same on client's Windows 98 SE machines. Honestly, I just tell them to deal with it. There might be some obscure patch released by Microsoft to fix it. As far as I've seen, it only happens with the OpenGL screensavers, so it most likely has something to do with how the computer supports OpenGL, whether it uses software or hardware rendering...


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