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    Some information on LindowsOS:

    There is an operating system called 'LindowsOS.' Well you guessed it right! It is based on the famous LINUX operating system. It has the stability of Windows and ease of LINUX operating system. Oops! I've got it all wrong. Its the other way round.

    Anyway, the operating system comes with software that enables us to view, print and copy MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel files and documents. The problem with this operating system is that it doesn't run the programs mentioned above but there are alternative software that could edit their files. However, its a cheaper alternative to the so-called 'big bad Windoes.'

    If you would like to get more info on LindowsOS you can visit:


    I haven't used this OS, so if any of you have then can you inform me how it is like to operate and work on it. How is the GUI? Is it user-friendly? And does it offer all the features of office automation software like that of Microsoft's. Is it any better than Windows?
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    old news. Do a search, we have discussed almost every aspect of this OS...

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    There have been a few posts on lindows, you should do a search on the subject, it has been discussed before, and is an old OS now. Heck, even wal-mart sells it now, and the betas have been out for over a year now. Do a search on google.com as well, as there are reviews out on lindows. So, basically, we all know about lindows, and you can find out more by using the most underutilized function at AO, the search function. P.S Hey guys, did I spell under... right? Or is there a hyphen in there?

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    hahahahaha.. Lindows.. cheaper.. HA.. what a joke.. when you dig into it you find that
    they make you pay for updates to it.. which ultimately will bring up the cost higher than windows is.

    they piss me off like netzero did with their "defenders of the free internet" slogans..yeah free at 10 hrs a month.. I've always thought companies like these should be made to stick to what they proclaim.. [/rant]

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    Plus that whole $99 software thing, which really blows since one of the best things about linux is the open source, free software. I gotta tell you, I'm not poor, but I am cheap, I'd rather save my money for when I turn 18 and blow it at a bar. Rather than spend $99 for software, even if it is a library of software, it isn't worth $99, especially when you can run linux and tweak wine to do whatever you want, there is no need for lindows. I think the idea became obsolete before it came out.

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