WASHINGTON (AP) - Microsoft Corp. agreed under a federal settlement Thursday to tighten the lax security of its Passport Internet service used by more than 200 million consumers and endure two decades of U.S. government oversight into how it operates such systems.

This is an important issue given the fact that the FTC is finally looking at the software industry. While the issues of XP prompting users to get a passport I think the "Passport" name is held in the general world as a valid doucment of proof of whom and what you are and how M$ ever got rights to use this is beyond me. Also note that M$ in settling the case did not admitt wrong doing (they should and must be held accountable) only a promise to the FTC they are going to fix it what patch release will it be? And also since nothing was given to public record it M$ talking Win 3.11 or all releases if so how many patches do we need to install?

There must and has to be a public disclosure into just what was agreed upon trust M$ well some how I feel this will be used to increase yet again the license agreements at their profit and the patches will only be issued when they are found. Security by lack of knowing of the flaw M$ you owe billions to the people the find your flaws. Where is the M$flaw consulting people. Why give to M$ for free their expose your flaws maybe they need to spend a few billion to pay the people that expose them for free, and the people that work for free should be paid for their efforts