I just got a new *ISA Sportster Voice 56k* modem, and ive been having some problems instaling it in mandrake, it is compatable with mandrake (i checked the aproved hardware list) and some wieird things have been happening.
when i bind a comm port to my modem, it changes the /dev/modem shortcut to ttys* and it will change the * to what ever comm port i bind it to, like comm port 1 is 0 =*, anyway so /dev/modem creates a shortcut to /dev/ttys6 (comm port 7 and it isint being used by any other device) and the ttys6 is a shortcut to /dev/tty/6 (<-- in my case) and in the /dev/tty dir there is only 3 driver files (0, 1, 2) and they are empty, and i checked harddrake and my modem is set up right (it displays the right name) so i guess i need the driver to that modem in my /dev/tty dir and name it 3, but i dont know how to get the driver for it. Also this ISA card has a PnP jumper setting and i have it jumpered to PnP, i also have the comm port jumpered to comm 7, so i dont know whats wrong, please help...

i have mandrake 8.1 if any of you want to know
and if you want to double check for me (heh) the aproved hardware list is http://www.linux-mandrake.com/en/hardware.php3

thanks in advance