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Thread: Linux modem?

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    Linux modem?

    I want to make the leap to linux (specifically Redhat 7.2) but I'm pretty sure my modem isn't gonna work with it. Can anyone recommend a good modem that I should get? Is an external modem a good bet? Also what about cable/adsl modems, as I think pretty soon in the future I'm going to go for broadband, what are people's experience with getting these to work?

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    This topic has been done to death. A quick search of the forums should help you out.

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    lol yes and if u dont want o earch back 3 months or something herer is the answer....if u have a winmodem redhat 7+ will find it, it found mine. and if it is like a serial modem ur on ur own
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    ANY EXTERNAL, serial port (not usb) modem
    OR a ISA internal modem

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    thanks guys. I did install RH before- but unfortunately it didn't detect my modem (it's a US Robotics internal PCI- which after a bit of research I've found that linux seems to have a bit of a problem with these). I was thinking about a 3COM external- just have to have a bit of a snoop around on ebay, but is USB definitely a no-no? I thought support for USB was pretty good these days- It did manage to detect my optical USB microsoft mouse after all....

    thanks again

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    USB works pretty well these days.

    new kernels support most major usb devices..

    I myselve have used a USB ISDN modem with Slackware 8.1 a couple of weeks ago..

    no problems what so ever..
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