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    wondering what your opinions are on this:


    this is really disturbing and sick. what is happening in america???
    the cycle continues........these images will always be online now and the victims will probably breed new victims.
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    That's one of the things that people would do for cash. It's really sick.

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    Thats just dirty, Why on Earth do people do this kinda stuff, I quote"Sexually abused their own children" Thats just wrong, no wonder governments are trying to take over the web

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    These are one of the things that puts sickening crime to a new level. Child pr0n has always been around, but with the Internet, P2P proggies, and other places to get such things anonymously, it is now at an unprecendented scale.

    As a parent, I do NOT see how they can sleep at night knowing they made their kids do such dispicable acts and then post it on the net. Not only does it sicken me to no end, but it makes me very sad and extremely angry. These people do not know what they are doing to these kids because they are too busy being selfish and fulfilling their sexual needs and putting money in their pockets...all the expense of the child. These people need to be put away for a long time, but knowing our system, probably not.

    What does our system do instead of putting REAL criminals (cyber or not) away for a long time? They impose life sentences for 13 year old script kiddies and serious time for downloading some warez. While I do not condone cracking 13 year old script kiddies and warez, but come on, we need to get our priorities in order!

    Another high profile case was the w0nderland child pr0n ring and the details can be found on Google. That was a disgrace too.

    Thanks for the article

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    Re: bust

    Originally posted here by AphexTwin

    this is really disturbing and sick. what is happening in america???

    Well the thing is this isn't a new phenomenon. This has been around as long as there has been man, but it's now more easily accessible because of the internet. There are devients in every society, not just america. It just looks like it happens more often, but I think you would be suprised if you took a deep look at history... and not just anglo/european history either.

    I'm sorry for the children. I personally think that drawing and quartering should be brought back for special occasions and this is one of them. Hopefully these children will get the psychological help they will need, and can grow up to be healthy, happy, well adjusted people.

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    I think its great that these sicko's think they can try and use the internet with impunity to peddle their crimes ...

    Hats of to the Law Enforcement Agencies involved and to the technical backup support they receive from guys such as yourselves, who without that support, would no doubt find the task of tracking these people down extremely difficult.

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    I had a long conversation about this subject with a detective on the local P.D. not long ago, and that article doesn't even begin to address the problem....there is actually an 'underground' where these children are traded like baseball cards. Not photos, mind you, but the actual CHILDREN. What makes it even worse is the fact that the children who survive this abuse will be more likely to be abusers themselves. I hate to say it, but this really is indicative of the poor moral status of the society we live in. Mind you, I'm not preaching, just calling it as I see it.
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    I dont think people like that would do it for the money(just by itself). We're talking about their children for crying out loud. To put it in an extremely cynical way, the money is a "bonus"(/me holds down the puke).
    Money is important yes, but not THAT important so as to make you do all these cruel things to your own, that you gave birth to!! I think these people are twisted, either to begin with, or perhaps were abused as kids themselves(Note: Thats not a justification). I've been working on a piece about Paedophillia/child porn, so I'll post it when it's done if anyone's interested.
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    Some people are just sick. Nothing more needs to be said.
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    <rant>that's *****ing disgusting, i think for a punishment those people should get a taste of their own medicine...but they probably will in jail.</rant>

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