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    Originally posted here by KissCool
    See the USA (and GB), the international system is Kilometer but all americans I know use the mile (USA had even lost a satellite because a scientist has not convert miles in kilometers).
    errrrrm. actualy in the UK we use miles also...... surprised me really to findout that they used miles and not KM cause they use metric for everything else (except body weight which is measured in 'stones' and god knows where they came up with that one)

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    Originally posted here by Sledge
    Just think about the possibilities of manipulating time:
    When your home-time is processed and displayed through the internet someone just has to click one button, enter a new value and the internet-time-clocks all over the world would display the new time. think about the possible dangers...

    just a thought about this
    Hmm...good point, Sledge, but I think that if Internet time was adopted as a standard, they would have several time servers like they do now. A distributed network of servers each pinging away counting the .beats of the day. You'd probably have to change them all.
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    I think we should all move to the decimal-system for
    counting time and I think IT would be a needed step
    in that direction...

    No more converting hours to seconds or days to minu-
    tes in school, think about it.

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    hours, minutes and seconds were hard enough in my trig class... haha thx for the info..
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    i remember hearing about this a few years far i havnt seen ne of these out
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