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    what happens...

    1.if the ram speed is more than the processor's so ....any problem?
    2.using flash player can we createany graphics other than animation
    3.how to keep a restore point in windows xp?
    4.i have to keep a password for a file or folder in windows using ms-dos.,,

    we can keep using "move "in win 98,but that is not working in xp so please get me the answer
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    1. You've asked this question before, look through your posts.
    2. Visit http://www.macromedia.com
    3. Go to Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore and create a restore point.
    4. I dont know what your question is...

    And I have too much time on a beautiful Saturday morning so I looked thru all your posts. And one thing I have noticed, you dont seem to like doing any research on your own.
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    Such a tactful reply :-) "Flame" waiting to happen.

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