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    what do u think..

    i think this "antionline "must setup a forum for scolding one another so that every one can check in it so that "did they get any letter of scolding" .when antionline is concerned aganist
    "bloody hacking" why dont it feel when the members are fighting with the words like
    "bastard ,****er"and even antionline must get this warning for"pain in the ass"is this a security discussion site or scolding's site.....what do u think.
    when floods come fishes eat ants
    when floods go down ants eat fish
    life is like that........

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    Did someone call you those things?
    \"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.\" -- Dom Helder Camara

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    Probably not a good Idea, just dish the antipoints and honor the system. Don't be a Jerk about them and abuse it
    \"And everyone knows, that the world is full of stupid people\"

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    praveendasika, like the other posts you made, I do not understand this one very well either. Will you please reiterate the quesitons?

    I mean, are you mad because AntiOnline gave you the "pain in the ass" message?

    Do you want to see a flaming forum? I mean, some boards do, but I do not see any use for one here.

    Did someone messge you saying these obsenities to you? If that's the case, message a moderator.

    Other than that, I dunno man.

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