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Thread: Qnx Rtp 6

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    Qnx Rtp 6

    Hi everyone,

    I wonder...
    can someone tell where to find a C, C++ & Java compilers, for QNX RTP 6?!!

    And by the way, how can I make QNX locate my third serial port, it stops searching after it had found only two, and I've got my modem installed on the third serial port!

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    I tryed QNX once, it had a installer and required no partitioning or any special knowledge.

    Possibly you got the source code, you can find a C compiler at www.borland.com
    It will also compile c++ source code. As for java, I could be wrong but I dont think java is a compiled language, but rather an interprited langage, try http://java.sun.com
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