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    Microsoft update and GUIDs

    I have just been to the Microsoft Windows update site and have noticed that its basically a web based version of the MBSA program they bought out a while ago. While this look nice and it actually quite helpful, wehn you use it you get a popup that appears to ask you if you want to trust content from..... etc. Naturally I clicked yes, next time I went back to the site it remembered and didn't ask again. I just thought it was a bit cheeky to say the least that they assume just because you say yes once, that this is an ongoing yes. Just wondered if anybody had any ideas how the site does it, and how to stop it. I have searched the using Google, without much success, apart from finding out it has something to do with GUIDs. Thought I had better ask the professional after deleting several files without any success, machine is starting to become somewhat unstable..lol.

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    Did you already have a look into your cookie-folder? (C:\WINDOWS\Cookies)
    maybe they saved it there in some cookie. look for some cookie saying "blablabla@microsoft.com" or stuff like it. open the cookie using notepad and look after the component you agreed to trust.

    when localizing and deleting this cookie, the page shouldn't remember anymore and ask again.

    it may possible that thay logged your username @ your host. IMHO this would be the worst possibility because you cannot make it undone.

    hope this helped
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    Already checked the cookies, I clear out that folder regularly anyway, but that wouldn't let them run programs on my computer remotely anyway, it would just let them collect details on me. Microsoft have hacked my computer..lol ...aghhh

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    actually, if I remember correctly, it says ALWAYS trust content from...

    Thats exactly why I NEVER put a check in that box, no matter who it is.
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    I have personally noticed that you can't access to M$ update with a non-IE navigator (try with Mozilla or Netscape, you'll see).
    In fact, I have listen that IE is able to check your identification number (a number like the serial number) and to report it to M$ when you try to update.

    The good news is that you can change easily this number with tweaks programs like X-setup at http://www.xteq.com
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