I joined AntiOnline because of an interest in learning and exchanging information about computer security. I'm a 47-year old college professor, and always interested in learning more, especially in my areas of interest, which include computer forensics, intrusion detection, and cyberterrorism. There's a close-knit group of security folks here in the Raleigh, NC area - Infragard and HTCIA, e.g., and I especially enjoy going to the Research Triangle for their meetings. I also do web development (you can visit my webpage at faculty.ncwc.edu/toconnor) at where I work, NC Wesleyan College, where there's a lot of free lectures, including courses on terrorism and forensics, and I'd be glad to receive comments or people straightening out any of my errors or misconceptions. Well, that's about it, except suppose it's customary to say how long you've been around computing, and I started back in '84, I think, with an Atari. I don't do consulting or run any business, just teaching, as that's what I'm primarily about.