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Thread: Thanks JP...

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    Thanks JP...

    First off, you all can take this post as a "kiss@ss post" or whatever you want to, but I'm being sincere.

    I just want to come on here and say thank you to JP for making this site. I know it wasn't originally meant to be for this many users (103,000!), but now that it's this big it's cool to thinkk of how many people one guy/organization has touched directly or indirectly. I'm one of them, definitely.

    I have so many more friends now online that I can truly confide in to help me with things when I need advise, lend me a shoulder when I'm down, or laugh with when humorous things occur... it's great.

    Again, just saying thanks to JP for making this site. It's really appreciated.

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    Here here!

    I've been on Antionline since 1999, and I've enjoyed my time here ever since! As one of the longest standing members of the community, I want to thank everyone on this board for helping me to grow in my knowledge of computer and network security...

    I'm sure I speak for all the users of this site when I say we are very appreciative of the amount of time and money that you've poured into this site and its community.

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    Man, I have to agree! With all the compliants and bellyaches as of late, it is great to see somebody actually step up to the plate and say "thank you" for a job well done, and I will be that person to say it also.

    Of course, not everybody likes JP, this site, its mission and status, but as long as I have been on here, JP never really cared as long as the word got out and people are informed. I think we as a community are an extension of that voice. We share advice, information, meet new people, enemies, code, experiences and most of all, knowledge. Man, I have to say I have learned A LOT since my inception to this site in early 1999 when I was a big fan of the mailbag and Eye On The Underground. Heh, even Bub was cool despite the complaints, lol.

    With that said, this site has come a long way, and I hope a bright new future for it, because I enjoy being here and the many things I have learned. Thank you very much, JP.


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    I gotta join in on this too..... i totaly agree with all of you, JP this site is wonderfull.... and ive told you that millions of times

    You really should spend more time on IRC though, we miss you buddy

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    I agree. AntiOnline has all these members and everything because of JP and his leadership. I am proud to be a member for the services, friends, learning, and everything else about it. Thank you AO and Thank you JP! Forever am I appriciative by everything it does for all it's users. Thank you.

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    Why anti-online is the best

    1. Great members. I've learned so much from all of you
    2. In my opinion JP has created on of the best forums on the net, puts other forums to shame.
    3. Suicide threads and auto banning have made the threads almost flame free.
    4. L337 speak is kept to a minimum
    5. We now have more tutorials than I have time to read.
    6. Tons of member input. This site just keeps getting better and better.
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    /me starts to pass out the beer and champagne

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    [quote]I know it wasn't originally meant to be for this many users (103,000!), [quote]
    Not only was this site not designed for that many users, remember, that is only 1 year worth of people. This site was oringinally a new site. It hasn't been a forum site for that long. It really makes you see how many people one person can touch. Especially with all the different types of publicity JP and AO get. Good pubicity from some places, very negative from others. Either way, the site is a "one of a kind" and that is always a good thing...unless of course it starts distributing kiddie pr0n...thats never good.
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    i think all members should at least sign this thread to show there appreciation whether they just use AO for downloads or post in the forms thank you JP for making AO the best community on the net kudos 3 cheers for JP w00t w00t w00t
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