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Thread: "a stunning assault on First Amendment freedoms"

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    "a stunning assault on First Amendment freedoms"

    "a stunning assault on First Amendment freedoms"

    It seems since the ‘Patriot Act”, the federal government now has the power to over-ride state and local laws pertaining to our right to privacy in our reading habits. They can now come in to your local library or book store and look to see what someone’s been reading. They can do this without having to prove a connection to terrorism and do not have to give a reason to those in charge of the establishment. Anyone speaking about these investigations can be jailed.

    So if your working in a bookstore and the fbi or nsa barge in and start going threw the stores records, and you tell your friends about it (and who wouldn’t?), you can go to jail.

    This just keeps getting worse!

    Read more here: http://www.freep.com/news/nw/probe25_20020625.htm
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    It seems to be the American way. If they can't act within the law they just change the law...All nice and legal now..

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    And as it's been said a thousand times before, if voting changed anything they would make it illegal.

    But there's a greater purpose: As opposed to all of us sitting in forums, atlking about why america is yet again engaging in radically innapropriate penile-anal insertion behavior, why dont we DO somethig about it? The "USA PATRIOT ACT" (it's actually all caps.. i find that funny, that america is using a 31337 kiddie trick to sound.. important?) goes so far as to say that in the name of preventing terror the government can slip in and out of Martial Law without announcing it.

    That's ****ing scary, kids, and it won't get better with all of us sitting here bitching about it.
    I apologize for all the swearing but his flames me up.

    So, a suggestion: we've all seen the countless abuses of amendment numero uno, so why not tell OTHERS? people in real life? print up flyers, make web pages... something other than posting. As great as sharing information on the AO forums is, i think we might be preaching to the converted.

    PS - Hacking may also be punishable by death thanks to the USA PATRIOT act. Who wasnts to carpool to Canada? I play guitar, travel light, bathe often enough I and dont eat much.
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