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Thread: enum.exe Dos tool

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    enum.exe Dos tool

    I would like to know if anyone knows where to download the proper version of this tool.I have already tried many differents one that claim to be enum.exe but there all sexx diallers.enum.exe is used to enumerate groups,share etc.. when a null session is established to an IPC$ share. please help me find this tool

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    since i doubt there is anyone here who is going to post a link to the program you've requested...i'll give you a half answer.

    here's some source for a similar program i wrote that may be of use - no executable though...


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    you want to enumerate shares after making a IPC$ connection.... Hmmm.
    InterProcessCommand share is used USUALLY by the machine to talk to the other services, but can be used in malicious ways. I fear I can smell the corpse of this thread rotting already. Better delete it. This is a security site!
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