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    Adding to aeallisons suggestion, go to http://www.vtoy.fi/jv16/shtml/regcleaner.shtml and download regcleaner. After you install, run it and remove the old Nortons entries from your registry. It's a pretty simple (even I can use it), straightforward little tool.
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    it's fixed!!

    Hey everyone,

    Well, the answer was so simple that now I feel exceedingly stupid for letting it take me this long to figure out. I just did a search on cscore.dll and it came up that it was a file for Comet Cursor, which was this lame program that had icons and mouse pointers and stuff that downloaded itself a couple of months ago. So I deleted the comet thing, which took awhile coz there were a lot f files there, and I restarted and all of a sudden I'm not getting annoyed at my computer anymore!!

    So thankyou all for your help, sorry for posting a question which I would have figured out eventually and thank you for your advice, I'm really grateful.


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    Hey Kelly,

    Have you given Ad-Aware a run... If comet Curser was there probably a few other nice ones.. like Gator, Bonzi Buddy and friends..

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