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Thread: VB Nuke Code

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    VB Nuke Code

    Hi Im building a firewall in visual basic it will nuke all those damn sub seven other trojan users.. but i dont know if my nuke code is good.. hope u can help me

    Here it is:

    Private Sub Timer2_Timer()
    Timer2.Interval = Text5.Text
    Winsock1.SendData Text2.Text & Text2.Text & Text2.Text
    End Sub

    text 2 would be a textbox full of 101010101010101... etc.
    will this code work or is there a better code for nuking in vb?

    Hope u guys can help me out..

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    Ummm, yeah. Good idea, except for one thing. Nuking is bad. If you retaliate against someone who sends you a trojan with a DoS, you are no better then they are. I am not much of a programmer, so I don't know exactly what you are doing, but it is 1 of 3 things.
    1> attacking someone for sending you a trojan....well, I assume you are smart enough not to install the trojan in the first place. If you want to get back at someone for sending you a trojan in email, get a hold of their ISP.
    2> attacking someone who is doing a scan for subseven. again, it is better to log their IP address, and contact their ISP.
    3> attacking someone who is using subseven to attack you. Well, most people that have subseven on their machine and use it to attack others, don't even know it is on their machine. They just don't have enough knowledge to do anything about it.

    Anyway, nuking is not the right answer. Remember, I can take control of your box. Erase the harddrive on a daily basis. Send out explicit email from your machine. Even use your machine to hack others. But if you retaliate with a nuke, and I report it, your the one that is going to get busted for hacking, not me.
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    Note: this is not an attempt to ask u guys for a code to get a great nuker its just that im learning programming in vb and i want to learn more about tcp/ip in vb so i try making several programs to learn..

    damn just too late with posting my 2nd message its not that i want to nuke everybody who scans or attacks me its just that i want to see if it works and know that i got the knowledge..
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    Try HERE and HERE


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    Every Trojan detector/firewall that i've seen has the trojans name assigned to that port, no matter what, so any request to that port will be seen as an attempted trojan attack. A University doing a servey on port usage, for instance, or a virus software mfg. will be reported to you as a trojan. You nuke'em, they got your ip, your screwed.

    Every request to a trojan port is not a trojan! If your computer is protected by up-dated virus and/or trojan protection, you really don't have to care about requests to these ports. most are just kiddies looking for running trojan servers, if you don't have one their not comming back, its really no big thing. But keep in mind some may be legit, you fry them your f@**ed.
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