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    Hey Prodikal,

    You should do just as netman says. You need to clear that BIOS password, so you can set the boot order. Once the boot order is set, the rest is easy...sort of...but that's another post! Go ahead and grab a screwdriver, and yank that cmos battery. Its a circular silvery thing, about 1" in diameter. Pull, wait 6 hours...put it back in, and then enter the BIOS.
    Either way, playing around inside your pc would be a nice learning experience for you.

    Hope this works for you.

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    learning expierience lol i opened my box looking for the cmos battery couldnt find it some wires came loose couldnt find out what the problem was my computer wouldnt boot so i punched my wardrope and my hand is swelled up like a baloon i can hardly type *oh well guess that was my own personal stupidity* but i dont think i will be opening my box again i still need help *not going to sleep untill red hat is installed *
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    Here's another program I have used to recover a BIOS password

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    Originally posted here by netman4ttm
    And people wonder why programmers carry a screw driver

    unplug the machine
    short the jumpers that control the CMOS
    if you have the mother boards manual
    otherwise pop out the battery and come back in 6 hours
    that should put your password into the bit bucket
    took the words right out of my mouth.

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    My motherboard has a button you can push to clear the setup.
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    their is a clear cmos jumper on your mobo, if you have your manual its 3 pins with a jumper over two, one space, it might be marked (if your lucky)

    If not find a proggie called killcmos.exe it clears out the cmos, do it via a Dos mode

    The Cmos batter is identical to a watch battery, and you only have to wait 30 seconds (when you case is unplugged) to lose your bios settings, when you return you should get errors about date and checksum errors, then you go in and set it up date/boot order etc.

    or you could goto www.bootdisk.com and get a redhat boot disk ( or using rawrite.exe with boot.img in /boot on your linux CD, thats to create a bootable floppy to then get into a red hat setup

    hope this helps buddy!

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    Some Proprietary motherboards, such as is in most "name brand" computers did not have a conventional "disc type" lithium battery, some have a battery that is soldered on the mobo...such as the Dallas clock battery that was real popular in the 486 and early pentium days, and some packard bells have a battery "box" accessable from the back of the system cabinet, also some IBM brands had the box on the back.

    What exactly do you have prodikal ??
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    How about

    format c: /q /u

    for a quick unconditional format?

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    Netman's on the right track for fdisking the drive, though I think he missed a step (since you seem to be pretty new to this):

    Type the following at the command prompt:

    C:\>fdisk /mbr

    Within fdisk do the following:
    y (to enable large hard disks)
    3 (to delete partition(s))

    If you are running Windows:

    Delete all extended partitions (3)
    Delete all secondary (or logical, whatever it is) parititons (2)
    Delete the primary partition (1)

    Exit the program
    Restart the computer

    There you go, you now have a completely clear hard disk (unformatted).

    This, however, wil not default to starting off of the CD. For that, you will have to enter the BIOS, as everyone else suggested. What you can try, is what Netman suggested here and make the Linux install disks. By default, most computers will default to booting from a floppy before the hard disk, and this will allow you to install Linux without having to change anything in your BIOS. Good luck!


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    I am not sure but I read you can delete your BIOS password with debug.

    Note: I did not write this, I saved it to a text file a while ago, I forgot where I got it from.

    Remove password by manually invalidating CMOS content
    When CMOS RAM loses power, a bit is set to indicate this, which should cause the BIOS to detect that the CMOS RAM is invalid and will normally result in the loading of default values. The same results can be obtained by using a simple DEBUG script to invalidate CMOS RAM. This may be much more convenient than shorting pins on a chip in cases where it is possible to boot to a DOS prompt to run DEBUG.Here is a DEBUG script to invalidate CMOS RAM. This should work on all AT / ATX motherboards (XT systems do not have CMOS RAM).
    - o 70 2E
    - o 71 FF
    - q


    EDIT: I believe the numbers are difernt for difernt versions of BIOS
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