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    I have a G3Ti200 Pro video card with a S-Video port, Is there a way to record TV shows with that port, or do i need another card....

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    I've seen this somewhere I just can't remember but I know that that card probably won't work. Im not 100% sure but as far as I know, you'll need another card. That would be cool to record tv shows though. That would be great actually. Good luck to you man!

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    you need another card.
    with a bttv chipset (848/849/878/879)

    preferably a pinacle www.pinnaclesys.com

    they work well under win (with the supplied disk) and lin http://www.metzlerbros.org/bttv.html
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    Thanks The_Jinx. I knew about the pinnacle but never knew it was better. I hope it works out for you though. I gotta pick up the same video card anyways.

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    Actually, you should be able to, as long as the port on the video card is not only S-Video out but also S-Video in. To do so, you will have to have an S-Video output on your TV or VCR, DVD player or whatever you want to record from and an S-Video in port on the card (you'd have to check the manual to see if it handles both in and out). Then you have to have a software program which will recognize the S-Video input and play/record that signal. Even if you can get it to work, the quality generally won't be very good. If you're serious about watching or record tv or some other signal on your computer, I would recommend buying a more professional package that is specifically designed for such purposes. For a low budget, I've played around with ATI TV-Wonder, and it's alright, but there is still a great deal of quality loss, especially if you want to caputer/record the signal. Considering the cost of more professional packages, it would probably be much more cost effective to purchase a Tivo or something which will record television programs on a hard drive which you can then replay at any time. They also have many more advantages including commercial skip, 400X fast-forward, good programming options, dump to VCR, etc. Depends what you're looking for though, and if you want to spend any money.


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