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Thread: Both TV and monitor....

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    Both TV and monitor....

    Im having a problem with my new vid car GeForce 3Ti200, When I set it to display everything on my TV it doesnt show anything on the monitor , when I set it to show on trhe monitor... Nothing on my TV, Is there a way to have it show on both devices at the same time?

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    You can use two video output devices if you use the VGA port as one of the devices. Using the S-Video and DVI ports simultaneously does not work.
    That's what I found, and I've tried to get the same result you're looking for, but it would shut off my laptop screen everytime. Maybe someone else knows something I dont.
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    Here's the knowledge base article which talks about this problem:


    Sorry to say it, but it looks like this is a known limitation with these cards.


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    Im using the ATI raidon 32mb card and both are working fine for me. It allows me to go into my display options and change what I need there. Only problem I had was a share problem between the two cards I had the Intel and the radion running together and wasnt working right till i uninstalled the other card.. Maybe you should try a different card, one thats to your likeing.
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