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    Yes, most cases do come with power supplies, but some do not. When I build a computer, either for myself or for someone else, I look at the demands of the computer and decide whether to buy a case with a power supply or without. The problem with many cases with power supplies is that they're usually 300 or 350 Watts, and sometimes, I need more. For my first server, for example, I bought a case which would hold two power supplies and purchased two 450 W power supplies so that I knew I wouldn't have any problems with adding as many SCSI hard drives as I needed. One other computer I have which I built has only a 300 W power supply and I can't add any more hard drives (it already has two hard drives, a CD-RW, DVD-ROM, internal Zip, floppy, 5 PCI cards, 1 AGP card and 1 ISA card) without blue screening constantly. If you figure out what you want, do a rough estimate of the power consumption that it'll take, and add at least 50-100 Watts to that to be safe.


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    Hi ele5125,

    Did you tried what i explained in my previous post.???

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