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    Question what are decompilers ???

    hello friends good day to all ...
    i just wanted to know what are decompilers ?? the tool with which
    we can generate source code of an .exe file.
    are they availiable .. if yes then where can i download them.
    pls help me..

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    Just check Google. There are lots of results when
    you look for the word "decompilers".
    You will probably find that they aren't really
    all that capable, atleast if you are expecting
    good complete source code.

    Most will help you unassemble short sections of
    code into assembly language, but it takes skill.
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    intruder, by that post one wouldn't see you're a senior member... Seniors and Addicts are always telling n00bs to 'Google' such things before they ask...

    Visual Basic decompilers actually reveal the full source code, that might be because they use the external libraries (vbrun###.dll) which contain... something important. However the code can be encrypted so that it can't be decompiled.

    Edit/Add: Link to Google search: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&i...8&q=decompiler
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    Here is a link to the best free java decompiler ive been able to find http://njcv.htmlplanet.com/
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    If you're looking for a decent c/c++ decompiler, I have to dissapoint you. They don't exist. Because of the complexity in the language decompilers are impossible to make. Although you might find some that decompile very basic examples (like Hello World), they wont work on more complex programs.

    For Java & Visual Basic however there are quite a few good working ones (especially for Java). The ones I've found for VB is only for v. 4.0. Perhaps someone have come up with a newer one?

    Since you want to decompile an .exe file, it's likely that you're dealing with a c/c++ program. To actually see what a c/c++ program does, you'll need a disassembler. You wont get the actual code, but you'll see the machine instructions. (And strings, integers and the lot). If you're really good you may understand what happens and even make changes to the file. It's what warez people do to break copy protection and **** like that.

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