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Thread: missing file

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    missing file

    before that thanks to all who willing read this thread..............

    i think i have a big prob now......... missing files
    even i don't know when it start but it make me scared anyway

    error message is like this:

    error starting program

    MSVCP60.DLL file is linked to missing export MSVCR.DLL:__lc_collate_cp.

    thanks for your help anyway

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    Here you can download the file: http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dl....shtml?msvcp60

    and this is how you solve it:

    STEP ONE - Boot into Safe Mode

    Windows® 98 / Me

    Close all open programs and place a floppy diskette into the A drive.

    When the “Non-system disk. . . ” error message appears, eject the floppy diskette and press the F8 key twice.

    Choose Safe Mode from the Windows boot menu.

    Continue with the next step.

    Windows 95

    Close all open programs and restart your computer.

    Watch the screen closely and when the prompt “Starting Windows 95” appears on the screen, press the F8 key.

    Continue with the next step.

    STEP TWO - Locate the MSVCP60.dll file

    Click Start, choose Run and select Find Files or Folders.

    Type msvcp60.dll in the name field and choose your C drive.

    Click the Find now button.

    Note: There should be multiple occurences of this file. One should be in the C:\Windows\System folder and the other in the C:\Program files\Iomega folder.

    Do not close the Find Files window.

    Continue with the next step.

    STEP THREE - Copy the MSVCP60.dll file into the System folder

    Double-click the My Computer icon or click Start, Programs and choose Windows Explorer.

    Double-click the C drive icon and locate the Windows folder.

    Double-click the System folder.

    In the Find Files or Folders window, locate the msvcp60.dll file in the C:\Program files\Iomega path and click the file to highlight.

    Right-click and drag the highlighted msvcp60.dll file from the Find Files or Folders window to the System folder.

    Release the right mouse button and choose Copy from the menu.

    Restart your system for changes to take effect.

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