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Thread: human branding for dollars

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    human branding for dollars

    A British marketing firm is offering 500 pounds (800 dollars) to each of 5 individuals willing to legally change their name to Turok for one year to promote the latest video game release in that series. They claim that the individual would actually have to "become Turok" for a year, revealing that this is not a simple moniker modification, but a virtual transformation for each individual. The irony in this is that the mere suggestion of this ploy isn't what galls me, but the fact that there will be people out there willing to partake in this circus for a year for a paltry $800 is which makes this so utterly repugnant to me. Have we lost so much self respect as a race that anyone can buy our very identity for the price of an E-machine? Does anyone else find this whole idea revolting, or is it just me?

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    Re: human branding for dollars

    Originally posted here by roswell1329
    Have we lost so much self respect as a race that anyone can buy our very identity for the price of an E-machine?
    HAHA, you people crack me up. Definately chock this one up to the quote of the day.

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    And what about all the shows where you can win money to embaress yourself...one show was very popular in Holland for 1000 gld (+/- US 400) you had to do all sorts of strange. It seems that people need to be shocked in order to be entertained...



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    I saw a somewhat related story on tv a few weeks back. This guy was offering on Ebay to shave his head and tatoo a logo on it, keeping his head shaved for a full year. His reserve was $100,000 USD and at the time of the story, the highest bid was $4,000.

    I thought it was a great idea. Hey, if someone is willing to pay (and if he can get the hundred grand...)

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    The idea is kinda repugnent, but you have to keep in mind it's being marketed towards the "17-19 yr old boy" demographic. In which case the money would seem like a whole lot. Turok has a huge following, never played the game myself though. For an 18 yr old with no life, this is gonna be the "best" thing that's ever gonna happen to him(according to him anyways ) If he gets permission from the folks that is
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