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    W2k - Terminal Services?

    I noticed something a bit strange the other day when I was looking at folder properties for my computer. Under the Security tab there was an entry entitled "Terminal Services User" that proliferated to every object on my C: drive. My two other drives had no such entry and I'm wondering if this means someone had successfully remotely logged onto my machine.

    The thing is that I'm positive I don't even have terminal services running on this box, so all in all I'm just a little confused and wondered if anyone could shed any light on this.

    I deleted the entry nevertheless, and have had no problems since doing so. Is this account set up by default when you install W2K? But why would it just be on my C: drive and not the others?

    Any help/explanations would be greatly welcomed.

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    The question is do you have the terminal server client installed locally on this system and if you do when you connect to the terminal server do you map local drives? I believe but might be worng when you are mapping local drives this creates a local group called Terminal Service Users. You can use this group to assign rights to your local drive dunring a terminal sessions... LIke I say others might have more insight and I might be completely wrong but I have this local group on my system also, but I can only see it when I am assigning right at the file system... But I have the terminal server client, the terminal server snap in for the MMC, and the Remote Dektop Connector (XP) installed on this system.
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