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    Ex Enron execs seek millions in severance

    (Reuters) - Several former Enron Corp. insiders who earned a combined $25 million in the year before the company crashed are asking for millions more in severance pay, a question a bankruptcy judge on Monday said he will answer later this month. The list of executives includes the wife of former chief executive Jeff Skilling, Rebecca Carter, and former vice chairman Mark Frevert, who has asked for more than $6 million in severance pay. Carter, who was Enron's corporate secretary before marrying Skilling in March, wants another $875,000.

    Now last time I heard, these guys had ripped off a LOT of people ALREADY. Now they want "severance" benefits?!?! And why hasn't Kenny boy been picked up by the feds yet??
    Bush seems to come in on the side of business each time. He broke up the strike by Northwest Airline employees in my state. But he let "free" enterprize runs it's course in California. At ridiculous cost to CA residents(not to mention the trickling effect it had all over the country). I'm done ranting...
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    Thats disgusting.

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    I got 10 bucks that says they get it. Man, how do I get in on one of these deals?
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    I say severance pay should be given to the employees, but starting at the bottom and moving up. By the time it gets to the top, they wouldn't get that much would they?
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    It would be like a bank robber, slipping on a banana peel
    on his way out of the bank, and suing them!
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    i think those execs should be made to give back all the money they stole with interest to the employees who lost thier jobs. i heard people lost millions in thier 401ks. that sux!

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