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Thread: Acer TravelMate 100 - Tablet PC

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    Talking Acer TravelMate 100 - Tablet PC

    I was surfing around the net for some nice Notebooks and came accross this in Acers site. I think its oneof the coolst notebooks I have ever come accross. It should be comming out mid September 2002 and should cost around $2,000 US Dollars.

    I for one think thats going to be my next investment. I wanted to get some feedback on what you think of it or if there are other Tablet PCs like this that are worth getting.

    I also came accross the "PaceBook" by PaceBlade, that seems like a really cool one as well, only i think that one i would break easily, lol. I really want to get feedback on these two Items. The Links are below





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    I actually had the opportunity to play around with a beta tablet PC (I'm not sure who manufactured it, but I think it may have been the Acer) which a friend of mine was beta testing. From what I saw, it's pretty much just a Windows XP laptop where the screen flips around so the screen is displayed on top of the keyboard with OCR software to let you write things and have it translated into typing. I'm actually considering getting one when they come out to mount in my truck for mapping software. I currently have a laptop mounted atop the "dog house" with all of my mapping software installed and a GPS attached, but it would be much more convenient to mount it to the dashboard and use a stylus to control everything rather than using the keyboard. I'll wait to see who ends up making them and what kind of reviews they get, though.


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    I've looked at several models, and it looks to me like Acer is the leader of the pack thus far. Tablet PCs have been taking a beating in the media as being more or less a technology that is not needed. I've got a feeling they have missed the mark on this one, as the TPC will be able to take mobile computing to new heights with the convenience offered by the stylus input and the form factor (no opening that pesky clamshell case!). JMHO
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    Other models

    We've been recommended the Fujitsu 3500s Stylistic , got one on order now so once its arrived I'll let you know what its like .

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