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Thread: How to Build a Time Machine

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    Question How to Build a Time Machine

    This 4 part article is a bit old (sept 2002) but very interesting if you're one that believes
    that this is possible.. I for one, am always entertaining such thoughts.

    what do you all think ? a wormhole generator/towing machine ?

    Scientific American-- article

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    This 4 part article is a bit old (sept 2002)
    Ahem..... are you holding something back on us?
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    ah shoot, that mag must be in a worm hole itself.. and here I was thinking that I was in 2003.

    but indeed, it's a sept 2002 article according to that page..

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    That article made my head hurt!

    Interesting read nontheless.

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    WEEeeeeee, Great read. This just reinforces my dream of traveling distances greater than the speed of light. I hope to work at CERN in the next few years to do research on my own theories.

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    Unfortunately, time travel via wormhole isn't possible. Sorry. Here's why:

    Picture an ant on a piece of paper. That's us, on the fabric of space. Now, wrap the paper into a tube, with the ant on the inside. that's us on space-time. Now, if the ant wants to go back in time, he needs to go through the paper and to the point he needs to be, then back through. This requires a wormhole.

    Scientific American says we can make wormholes. In order ot amke one large enough to transport a person / thing, we'd need all the matter in the universe's worth of energy just to go IN, then the same amount to come back out. Einstein proved that with E = mc^2, proving effectively the only way to travel in time is to travel very very fast, and the only way to create a wormhole of any significance is with energy equivalent to many many times what you're transporting.

    I know, it sucks.

    But that's physics for you. Now, if you're into supersring theory and bvelieve in the testament of human perserverance, you might say we'll eventually be able to bend the 10th dimension, so we can simply WALK into the past. That, however, is far, far FAR off.

    Also, if time travel were possible, wouldn't we already know?
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    Awesome read.. Hopefully I can get rid of this headache though from figuring that out. Good read nonetheless.

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    You guys should read the book Timeline by Michael Crichton, it deals with that and was an AWSOME book i must say.

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    I agree with punchthebaby about wormholes being not the right way to do this. Maybe Einstein is wrong and it still could be possible, but that's something else.
    If you're going to bend dimensions it would almost be the same thing as using wormholes, if your looking at superstring technology and 11 dimensions. The way most people visualiza a wormhole it already goes true another dimension, which would be nonsense if you're thinking about the matter/energy thingies. A wormho;e itself already is something weird if it "bows" dimensions by using only the 3rd.

    OK I know I'm saying this really wrong and non-understandable, but I can't make it more clear because I don't have enough english vocabulary to express it right. Sorry for that, and don't bother if you think I'm not right or if you don't even understand it. I just can't speak.
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    as some may know, i work for a small rag in ne ohio. we got a letter in from some guy, think i have it, have to dig it up... who was in despeerate need of a time machine. apparently, he had some kind of disease that he acquired at some point or another and he needed to go back to a certain time, where he could possibly avoid this catastrophy and needed certain ingredients to obtain this. something about a north/south polarized vortex and a blue glowing moon crystal. altogether an intesting e-mail and a cry for help?
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