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    Good Job GG. Only problem for me is configuring those scripts and stuff I need help with those things. Thanks for the links to php hosts aswell as tag board sites. --JCHostingAdmin

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    Most of the PHP scripts (like bulletin boards/tagboards) you download come with nice instructions and a help forum that keeps you updated on issues, installation problems, etc.

    The first set of resources at the beginning of this thread also list some great PHP sites that can help answer any other questions that you may have.

    (Note: For things like PHPbb and shoutBOX, they give you tips on how to customize them to suit your needs. I love the template I have for my PHPbb, even though it's based off a Mac)

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    Post SSI

    Here are some SSI (Server Side Includes) resources. SSI is a PHP-like scripting language that runs on Apache servers. Think it as PHP Lite Lite, or think PHP as SSI Pro Extended.

    BigNoseBird.Com's Server Side Include Page ( SSI) - Multi-page tutorial covering all directives, including eXtended SSI and server configuration.
    WDVL: Server Side Includes
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    /me hopes to be on that list some day

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    It's my first time on here, and I'm happy to see many of our (Jupitermedia.com) sites listed. BTW, we also have some forums devoted to web development:

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    I didn't see the VB Forums mentioned, but there are a lot of good web developers there and it's not restricted to VB.
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    Nice List!
    I new to web Development, so it's a very nice list to start with, thanks!

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    That is a great list. I bet it will answer all my questions that I may have thanks GG

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    Very nice site GG I really appreciate all the hard work all you long time posters put into this.
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