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Thread: XP startup problems

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    XP startup problems

    I'm just wondering if anyone can help me with this.
    Sometimes when I start up XP, it will get to the desktop, but won't load the startup programs i.e. ZoneAlarm.
    No icons load on the right of the taskbar and although i can move the mouse, I can't select or open any programs, or open the Start menu. When the mouse is moved over the Start menu it shows the egg timer thing.

    I've had this pretty much since I got my computer a few weeks ago, but it's got more common recently.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    hmmm ... 1) is it original OEM Package or just a copy ?

    2) i think u should reinstall it again.

    3) as i've heard there's some files has been released by MS to speed up the boot and startup.

    one more thing ( don't take my word as final, i'm not an XP guru )

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    Yeah, look, if you can go for a format and clean install, it might fix the problem. With Windows, you never know what's going on and if a restart doesn't help, unfortunately you'll need to format, unless you are a guru and know how to fix it.

    But it sounds like you've only had it for a few weeks, so I'm guessing you haven't crammed it with all your important files and apps, which means you might not have to do a lot of backing up. But yeah, as bimmer suggested, go for a reinstall, but I'd recommend a format

    Good luck,
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    Sounds like a problem from the 9x days.

    Run MSCONFIG, get rid of your startup proggies.. see if the problem persists..
    if yes follow through with the clean install..
    if NO.. and starts ok... weeeelll start by re-introducing the start up progs one at a time..
    untill the problem returns..
    note: your AV will have atleast 3 components
    there are 2 programms involved with Zonealarm

    I don't have the links to hand.. but there are some good sites with info on startup progs, what are bad, what are ok..

    And I am too lazy/tired to post detailed info.. sorry but if you want better details.. post back and we will see what we can do..

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    Dont go for a clean install right off the bat(IHMO) I had the same the problem with my desktop when i recently got it. For some reason it would never Auto Enable Norton AV, even when I had the AV on autostart. So I had to enable the auto startup from the Services mgmt console. I recommed you try that before you do a new install.
    Also for unnecessary services that a home user might not need, try these links :
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