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Thread: Arrghhh... Linux, drivers, hardware not supported, frustration!!...

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    Arrghhh... Linux, drivers, hardware not supported, frustration!!...

    So I've got my computer set up to dual boot between Win98 and Redhat 7.3. My problem? Neither my soundcard (Philips Rhythmic Edge) nor my modem (Creative Modem Blaster) have drivers currently available for them that support Linux, and I can't find any available ones through ALSA or 4Front. So what do I do now? Generic drivers don't work for either peripheral. It's looking like my only two choices are A: Buy an older soundcard and modem that have drivers available in Linux, and use them when I'm working with Redhat. Or B: Figure out how to program my own drivers anyone got any suggestions? I suppose this is probably the second biggest issue people run into when setting up Linux on their boxes (after partitioning)
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    You think you have it bad thereís no video X window drivers for my radeon 7500. It's command line Linux all the way for me. As for your sound card just pick up and old SoundBlaster card they seem to work fine with Linux and your can usually find one for dirt cheap.
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    cwk9 -> I had the same trouble with each of my radeon boards and older versions of X. To fix it : get yourself the newest version of Xfree86 (4.2.0?) at http://xfree86.org. Make it and install it. Once installed, run "XFree86 -configure" This should create the file /root/XF86Config.new - copy/ move this to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XF86Config (or to the respective location of your config file). Modify ~/.xinitrc to point to the startup script of your favorite desktop manager. This should get you around your lack of graphical support.

    tenguzero -> I unfortunately don't have the experiences you do with the hardware you have.. Best of luck.
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