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Thread: Hot to make a IRC server

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    Hot to make a IRC server

    Hi, i've been in the IRC a couple of while now and im wondering hot to create a IRC server the can be 24/7 not downloading a program and just telling the people to write /server and your IP

    Nah.. i dont want a server like that I want it to be conected 24/7

    Can somebody tell me how to do it and what do I need to do to create it and how does it works and how will it cost.

    Thank your

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    Well in order for them not to write your IP you need a static IP so it will stay the same and assign a Domain to it with DNS... next you will need to download Unreal IRC (its the same IRC server that AntiOnline Uses and myself as well)... i dont know if they make it for win but they make it for Linux, and just download it, compile it, then create a .network file and edit the ircd.conf file and your pretty much set, its not too hard once you got the hang of it

    good luck...

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    Another way is to go to http://www.dns2go.com where you can get free Domain names and there is a program that will update your ip to the dns address, it works for win and linux.
    If its not broken it can still be inproved.

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