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Thread: Tsearch (anyone know of it?)

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    Tsearch (anyone know of it?)

    has anyone heard of a file called Tsearch?? its a file that allows you to search for a variable in a game or anything else.. change the variable in the game search again and find the game file... if anyone has heard of this file please tell me where i can get it.. it is great for modifying and editing.. it includes a hex editor also .. so its all good.. if you know where to get it please tell me
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    I suggest you use Google for it.
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    Try here - http://www.gamethreat.com/tools/
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    Did you check google? When I googled it, I received a whole bunch of hits... you might want to start there.

    If you're looking for game cheating programs, check out the following: http://www.gamethreat.com/tools/ (found via google)


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