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Thread: my account may be removed....

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    Unhappy my account may be removed....

    i got that messege while logging in... do a search for my posts in the forums .. have i been that lame ? have i not tried to help if i could ? do i go into irc and cuz a bunch of sh*t if thats the case then delete the account. i dont really need it and it was free anyway. not hurting my feelings trust me. but i have been trying to help or give my opinion anyway delete it if you want but dont threaten me with that weak your account may be removed junk sheesh have some dignity

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    phuckintwizted, it just means your AP status is in the negative, and from what I see you have quite a ways to go before you are banned. I would not worry about it too much, just give it some time and it should go away....

    word of advice: complaining about it will only make it worse for you.

    Otherwise, don't lose ant sleep over it. I have not seen anything from what I have seen so far that should warrant your removal; however, I am not JP or a mod...

    /opens a soda

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