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Thread: NTFS and Linux

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    NTFS and Linux

    Hi everyone, Now that my file system is ntfs as opposed to Fat32 am I out of luck with using Linux? I see that so many *nix distros are not jiving with ntfs. Is there anyway around this or am I just not finding the distros that are supported on ntfs. I searched the forums and I couldn't really find the answer I needed. Any help would be greatly accepted, Thank you.
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    well it depends on ur distro but you can mount it if your kernel is new enough, try

    mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows

    Assuming your Windows partition is the first one on the drive. Just be sure that the mount point (/mnt/windows) exists. NTFS support must be enabled in the kernel, but I believe the stock Mandrake kernel already has it compiled as a module. NTFS access will be read-only, though.

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    Linux RH 7.2+ ( AFAIK) will see Windows Fat32 and NTFS partitions just fine. I've done it, and while it doesn't specify NTFS per se, VFAT is a catch-alll that provides DOS file support with long file names, and NTFS falls into that category. If you follow Unused's directions, you'll do just fine.
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