I love security . I love Firewalls . Everything all about defence. I donīt like blackhatīs.
In the past , I had to defend my system against intruders ( it was a netbus attack ) . I was pretty amazed what they did and how they could creep trough my network. after closing all connections , I kicked them out , the research took me a complete weekend . this was 5 years ago. since then I learend like hell everything about firewalls , ids, defence, abuse ect.
lately someone tried to send me anonymously a mailbomb with trojan content and autoload

well I tracked him down and now I start to fight back. He wonīt be amused
about my steps.
and therefore I am a new member here. to learn from others and to give advices to others, who in need of certain informations about security . do not hesitate to ask me :-)